Scientific Programs


The CIEE/ICEE organizes innovative scientific programs to explore basic principles in ecology and evolution along with their applications to management of natural infrastructure, including, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, watershed management, and delivery of ecosystem services. Specifically, the CIEE will sponsor the following types of activities:

  • Thematic Programs bring together working groups of scientists to synthesize results, explore alternative approaches and identify promising areas of inquiry. These gatherings will include 10 to 20 participants, including graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and run for periods of one week to one month. Programs culminate in a series of refereed publications, and where appropriate, ‘white paper’ reports.

  • Synergy Workshops are short-term gatherings that foster communication and collaboration among scientists from diverse fields of study. These workshops also facilitate the migration of techniques and theoretical structures from one field to another.

  • Advanced Training is accomplished in training workshops (held in conjunction with the annual CSEE meeting) and graduate mini-courses built around cross-disciplinary themes.

Most activities are housed at CIEE contributing members. However, CIEE programs, workshops and mini-courses can be conducted at any Canadian institution. The CIEE/ICEE also welcomes opportunities to co-sponsor interdisciplinary programs with other organizations at home and abroad.