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New Thematic Working Groups

We are pleased to announce that three new Thematic Working Group proposals have been selected for funding by CIEE, including:

Data and theory synthesis to resolve the effects of evolution on the predictability of range expansion”, presented by Jennifer Williams and Tom Miller,

Canadian aquatic ecosystems under threat: A meta-ecosystem approach to the protection of aquatic diversity and ecosystem services”, by Éric Harvey and Marie-Josée Fortin, and


Incorporating phenotypic variation of thermal tolerance to improve projections of climate responses in Canada”, presented by Jennifer Sunday.

These three new awarded working groups are bringing together 37 researchers from 17 institutions, including the McGill, UBC, Toronto, Memorial, Ottawa, Alberta, Guelph, Sherbrooke, UQAR, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and other seven institutions from the USA and Europe.  Congratulations to all the participants!

We had a good response to this Call for Proposals.  The quality of most applications was exceptional, but unfortunately requests for funding exceeded available resources, so several well-regarded proposals could not be supported.  By joining CIEE, your institution helps support this exceptional work.

The selection process:  Over the past years, we have improved the grant selection process.  The evaluation of applications was carried out by the members of CIEE’s Scientific Advisory Group including:  Steve Perlman (Victoria), Sean Rogers (Calgary), Chris Somers (Regina), Eric Lamb (Saskatchewan), Micheline Manseau (Manitoba), Amy Hurford (Memorial) and Shelley Arnott (Queen’s). We take this opportunity to thank our reviewers for their outstanding work in the evaluation process. 



CIEE is offering scholarships for two training events:

For details, please click here


LTER Synthesis Webinar series

The CIEE is part of a worldwide network of Synthesis Centers called The International Synthesis Consortium and would like to inform you about a webinar series by the LTER Network Communications Office (NCO).

This new webinar series is hosted by the NCO and the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS). This series highlights the progress of the LTER synthesis working groups ( The webinars will cover the latest ideas emerging from LTER synthesis research, as well as insights on the process. Please join for one seminar or the whole series. All webinars will be the on the second Thursday of each month at 11 am Pacific Standard Time.

For additional information on the webinars, please visit the series web page at:

January 11: The Science of Team Science: Lessons from Synthesis Centers. Stephanie Hampton

February 8: Building Capacity for Increased Interactions between Modelers and Empiricists. Kimberly La Pierre, Meghan Avolio, and Kevin Wilcox

March 8: Stream Elemental Cycling: Global Patterns in Stream Energy and Nutrient Cycling. Adam Wymore

April 12: Scaling-Up Productivity Responses to Changes in Biodiversity. Forest Isbell and Laura Dee.

May 10: Using Long Term Data to Understand Links between Environmental Variability and Metacommunity Stability. Eric Sokol

June 7: Synthesizing Population and Community Synchrony to Understand Drivers of Ecological Stability across LTER Sites (tentative title). Lauren Hallett, Daniel Reumann, and Katharine Suding



We are proud to announce Dr. Diane Srivastava as the new Director of the CIEE. Dr. Srivastava has been appointed after a nation-wide competition, for the term of three years (2017-2020). Srivastava is a Professor in the University of British Columbia, and a leader in efforts to improve data management and synthesis research. With research interests ranging from basic to applied science, and experience leading working groups, Dr. Srivastava will bring her learning experiences to the Direction of the CIEE . 

Peter Leavitt will be co-director and Diego Steinaker will be associate director with Diane for the next year to help with transitioning the directorship of CIEE.  The Management Board thanks both Peter and Diego for their vision and continued support and for their hard work over the past 5 years that has enabled the CIEE to grow and establish a sound footing in the Canadian Ecology and Evolution community.



Interesting new article. Please take a look!:

Synthesis Centers as Critical Research Infrastructure. Baron et al. 2017, BioScience.